Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rest of Portfolio.... through most of that list...still have much more to do but blah! Time for a break =) First of all, here is the rest of my portfolio that I submitted for my interview. I look at these now and think about how horrid these are and how many mistakes I can spot *what could've possibly possessed me to submit such monstrosities D8* Anyways, I also realized that although sometimes you can think that pictures can be your best friend, it can really be your worst enemy in disguise AS your best friend. Especially if you rely on them too much. Enough of my ramblings, ON TOWARDS THE REST OF THE MONSTROSITY KNOWN AS MY PORTFOLIO!!! *one submitted for interview purposes only*

I find that a lot of my drawings lack contrast....still does....gotta work on getting more contrast between my lights and darks and get away from just using midtones all the time ><'' anyways GOTTA FIND A SCANNER T-T

Monday, October 11, 2010


So over the next few days I'll be posting up what was in my portfolio. I'll start with the characters and go from there....

Sorry these are terrible quality... *still need a scanner ><''* Looking back now....the only thing I can say is omg these are absolutely horrid!....><'' *gotta improve!!!!!*

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Light Table

Since there's so much work that needs to be done that involves a light table and am too poor to afford one, I decided to go and make a light table!!! Surprisingly it didn't turn out as horribly as I thought it would =3

Light table WIP

Finished Light table

I need to get wax paper or tissue paper so I can cover the whole thing.

Friday, October 1, 2010 overload...

Feel overloaded...don't think I"ll be posting anything any time soon.

Condition: Crazy, overloaded, tired, sick

Assignments to do: Storyboard, 12 hands, 12 feet, bones, layout thumbnails, layout with character, layout paintings, digital background, bowling ball, balloon, pendulum background, character design and posing, monochromatic ball painting <- god that's a lot to do...= ='

Things to do: lifedrawing (god I need more badly....), practice skeleton (I should be doing that right now....), outdoor study sketches, drawing overall...

Last remarks: My wrist hurts....=( I hope I'm not getting carpal tunnel syndrome ><'' (although idk how I'd get it...don't seem to be drawing as much as I'd hope...)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scanner at home = crap

....after scanning in my recent drawings, I just realized how HORRID my scanner actually time, I'm using the school scanners >_>

Oh and before I forget.... BALLS 8D. I might upload them again but with a better quality version (scanned from the epic scanners in Sheridan and not my crappy one at home).

Painting and Characters

 Oh before I!!! (yay!!...not really) so here is my horrific egg and a even more horrific character, Boxer the Rabbit.



First Post! first time doing a blog...ever....and so this is the first post =)
Currently into week 4 in Sheridan and I find myself swimming in deep waters...and sorta going under...= ='' gotta catch up fast and draw!!!